About Australian Christian Dental Association

The Australian Christian Dental Association (ACDA) is a non-profit volunteer based association who organise dental missionary work in Vanuatu. The association has a network of dedicated and enthusiastic dental practitioners who volunteer their time and clinic skill to provide much needed dental aid to underprivileged population. We concentrate our attention and care to provide dental services to less fortunate populations in third world countries – particularly orphaned children and villages.

Our members show an unbelievable amount of love as we work to help the those who have no access to dental treatment based on three pillars – love, hope and kindness.

The ACDA currently has access to a fully equipped dental van in Port Vila (Vanuatu) for outreach programs into villages and a fully equipped dental surgery in Port Vila to service the less fortunate.

The communities will be serviced by visiting Australian dental professionals; and our team will train a local volunteer in dental nursing and oral health promotion. We have 5 fixed dates per annum however specific dates can be organised upon request.

Of course, building a clinic takes time and effort. In the meantime, the ACDA will be doing fundraising activities to help make the mission achievable and sustainable. We believe that all people are entitled to basic health care at a minimum. We believe all people have a right to the basic necessities of life, such as clean water, food and shelter, as well as opportunities to grow and develop as dignified members of healthy and happy communities.

The ACDA are always looking for people who have the capacity to help in any way to get in contact with us. Please contact either:

Matthew Youssef

George Abdelmalek